About Me

"A shutterbug who has an eye for details
and a soul that aspires to capture the blissful-colored candidness
of every precious moment."

I am a romantic fool. I believe in love-at-first-sights. Long distance love affairs. Destiny or fate. Wishing stars and soulmates. I am fascinated with the term 'quantum entanglement'- how its definition coincides with soulmates. I believe in falling in love a lot of times. I believe that love is the greatest force in the universe next to God.  

Imagine capturing that 'force' and staring at it on a piece of paper for a lifetime. I say, one of the greatest invention of mankind is the camera...


My passion. 

I fell in love with photography when I was a kid. I asked my parents to buy me those point-and-shoot cameras and had my friends posed for me.  (Growing up, I realized I should have  let someone captured those photos so that I could be on the photos with my friends.  Here's a lesson!)

I took a class in photography when I was in college at Silliman University. I just have to type the name of my school because I'm in love with the place (Dumaguete City). Back then, we were using film which was very difficult and challenging, the reason why, I have so much respect for people who do film photography. I had my first and only photo exhibit at our library together with two of my artist friends. Sadly, when it was time for me to leave the university, I also stopped taking photos.

My first SLR Film

In 2010, my love for photography was ignited again and the following year, I was already part of the wedding industry. As what I always say to people, work is play for me. I was lucky enough to be with people who encouraged me to pursue this. I learned the craft of wedding photography by experience and with the help of some of my friends. So, here I am today, sharing to you my most favorite form of art. 

My style defines my entirety. Vibrant colors. Candid and stolen shots - real emotions. Lights and shadows. Minimalistic. I believe that simplicity is the best definition for elegance or sophistication.

It took me months thinking on what to write on my blurb. But let me share to you the first thing I wrote on my notepad:

"..Beautiful moments of tapestry
weaved by the rhapsody of colors,
artistic nature of lights and mysterious shadows
in photographs.
Forever tattooed in the memories of lovers 
and preserved through time 
by the photographer.

I am going to freeze those moments that would fade. Moments that would slowly be forgotten. Unexpected, unguarded emotions - these will make my photographs more meaningful. More alive. 

LOVE captured… 

just in time."

I don't know what you call this, but let me just call it 'poetry' to make it sound more romantic. I told you, I am a romantic fool. 


Happy viewing, lovers!

For those wondering about the meaning of 'quantum entanglement', I'm going to save your time searching on google- here's how wikipedia defined it:

"Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each member must subsequently be described relative to each other."

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