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I'm a destination wedding photographer based in Iligan City. I'm a human being who loves the beach and sunsets. I am a romantic fool. I believe in love-at-first-sights. Long distance love affairs. Destiny or fate. Wishing stars and soulmates. I am fascinated with the term 'quantum entanglement'- how its definition coincides with soulmates. I believe that love is the greatest force in the universe next to God.
I am an adventurous person. I love having fun and laugh a lot til my tummy hurts. I break rules and embrace freedom. My art does not focus primarily on bright and airy photographs. I love being flexible. Versatile. That I also admire the dark, mysterious shadows on a photography. Art is art.
I am going to capture those moments that would fade. Moments that would slowly be forgotten. Little things, unexpected, unguarded emotions - these will make my photographs more meaningful. More alive. LOVE captured- just in time.
Do me a favor though, call me by my first name - 'LJ' and let's be friends. Let's take away those awkwardness. Coz I wanna capture the big moments, the loud ones as well as the quiet ones.
Tell me your story and let's create something wonderful together.
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